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The GBL travel program offers additional opportunities beyond the rec league for players-GRADES 4-8-with interested in playing more competitive basketball. This program is for players who are willing and able to commit to the additional demands of a competitive program from October to Late February / Early-Mid March.

    • Volunteer Coaches are selected by a selection committee comprised of Board members such as Travel Coordinator, Coaching Coordinator, President and Vice President. As an organization partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), we look for coaches dedicated to making the experience positive for all their players.
    • Player tryouts are in mid-Sept. Players have to attend at least 1 tryout to be considered for team. Teams are announced by the beginning of October. Online registration for upcoming rec season is required and there is a box to check indicating interest in trying out for travel. www.guilfordbasketball.com
    • GBL Policy is that ALL travel players MUST fully participate in the rec program-see document on why we have this policy under DOCUMENTS tab. Failure to comply will affect eligibility and/or playing time in travel games.
    • Teams generally can have 10-12 players and there is usually 1 boys and 1 girls team for each grade for 4-8.
    • Teams typically practice once a week, practices generally start mid October
    • We participate in the FCBL (Fairfield County Basketball League) http://fcblhoops.org/ since 2016-2017. 4th grade teams most likely will play in the Milford League http://milfordknights.leag1.com/
    • Games are mostly on Sundays (league season Dec 3rd-Feb 18th) - there may be Friday night and or Saturday games as well.
    • There is a post season playoff tournaments with the FCBL and Milford League starting in early March.
    • There is the potential for additional games through friendly games with local teams, preseason tournaments, holiday tournaments and finally post season tournaments running from mid feb to late march.
    • Playing time: GBL believes that ‘good coaches get kids into games’. Players making the team and attending practice consistently will get meaningful minutes throughout the season. As a competitive program, individual coaches will address their particular approach in a preseason meeting including how playing time in tournaments may differ from regular season games.
    • COST: The cost for 2021-2022 season is $175 per player. The fee will cover all practices and regular season games plus the end of season FCBL tournament.
    • Additional costs to expect NOT INCLUDED in the registration fee include:
    • Uniform-shorts, shirt(white/green), shooting shirt
    • Additional tournament entry fees (preseason tournaments, holiday tournaments, and additional post season tournaments)
    • Any questions about the travel program-please contact our Travel Coordinator - XXXX
    • Cell XXX

B TEAM UPDATE 2021-2022 season

What is happening with second (B) travel teams in GBL this year?

The GBL board decided to embark on a pilot program back in 2017-2018 season to see if having second travel teams could work out to benefit our players. This decision was designed to accommodate demand from interested players who are not selected to the ‘A’ team which can vary by league interest. We will be only able to offer B teams based on not having limitations in gym availability - FYI we had 4 additional teams in the 2019-2020 season. We chose 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade boys as they had by far the most players at tryouts (well over 30 in each grade).

What can players on second teams expect this season?

As with the traditional travel teams, second team players are expected to participate fully in the rec program.

B teams are expected to have one 1 hour practice per week-starting in November. Some weeks there may not be practice depending on gym availability(weather, concerts, book fairs etc).

B teams will be entered in the Milford Travel League-typical schedule will be 9-10 games from December to Feb-all games in Milford and almost all on Sundays.

Coaches may also schedule additional friendly games-either away or when available in Guilford.

Coaches for B teams will have the option to enter teams into preseason, holiday and post season tournaments depending on player interest and availability.

What will it cost to participate?

Cost for 2021-2022 season is $175 per player through online registration on website www.guilfordbasketball.com.

Additional costs not included in the registration fee include:

  • Uniform fees-2 jerseys, 1 pair shorts, 1 shooting shirt-check payment at uniform fitting.
  • Tournament fees(optional depending upon participation-usually around $15-$30 per player per tournament).