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GBL Overview

Tax ID #06-1181763

Mailing Address

800 Village Walk

PMB # 242

Guilford, CT 06437


Guilford Basketball League (GBL) is a non-profit volunteer Youth Sports Organization that provides a variety of basketball programs for youth residents of Guilford, CT from grades K-12. Our goal is to expose children to the great game of basketball as a starting point for life long enjoyment of the game. The cornerstone of GBL is the recreational basketball program for boys and girls grades 3-8.

In addition to our rec program, GBL also offers the following:

  • minihoops skills program for grade K-2
  • developmental travel program for 3rd grade boys 
  • competitive travel program for grades 4-8
  • 3 on 3 Sunday program for  players not in the travel program (based upon demand and volunteer availability)
  • high school rec program for boys

GBL is focused on providing a positive experience for all players as they learn basketball and life lessons such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and focus on process and long term development.

In 2015, GBL formed and official partnership with the POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE(PCA) to help with the establishment of a strong and enduring culture that looks out for the best interest of our players and their long term development.

In 2016, we partnered with the Changing the Game Project to allow us to provide more resources that will help promote a more positive atmosphere for our players.