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Gould Law
Experienced and tough- Winning a personal injury case demands in depth knowledge of insurance, state law, the workings of the judicial system, injuries and medicine and other extremely complex areas. Gould Law has the experience in every aspect of personal injury law and the toughness to stand and fight for our clients. Personally committed- Our stake in your claim is both professional and personal. We want to understand your story. We will ask lots of questions. We will build the strongest case possible, and make sure you know your options each step of the way. About Robert Gould- The principal of Gould Law, Robert Gould, has spent the last 13 years fighting hard to win cases for injured victims. He works fast and aggressively to maximize case values and resolve cases quickly. While some lawyers use a lot of words to describe their successes, Attorney Gould relies on his record of satisfied clients and significant results. Contact Gould Law now to discuss your claim and find out just how responsive and aggressive Attorney Gould is.
Hinding Tennis
Since 1994 the Team at Hinding Tennis has not only built a tremendous reputation for itself, but it has made its name know throughout the country. Because of our success today contractors, club owners, architects and even competitors call upon us for advice, problem solving issues and just to pick our brains. We are constantly on the cutting edge of technology and are always looking for better ways to serve you. Our specialty is "All Weather Cushioned Courts." Nobody can compare to our products or service when it comes to putting in the finest all weather cushioned surfaces today.
ML Weekes & Co.
Welcome! ML Weekes & Company, PC, is a professional services firm specializing in government accounting matters. We offer a variety of services to organizations that receive or administer Federal, State and local government funds, spanning an array of industries and markets. Our firm is dedicated to your needs and we strive to provide reliable and value-added services. Our team is comprised of individuals from "big four" professional services firms, government agencies and private industry and has an average of over 14 years of experience. ML Weekes' highly experienced and diverse professional staff sets us apart from most other accounting and consulting firms.